Our approach to pricing is more unique in comparison to other tile companies. We don't go by square footage; Rather, we view each job individually. The reason for this is we do custom installations and every project varies drastically. Ranging from type of tile, grout, layout, unforeseen variables, or special requests of customers. Currently, we are not offering general contractor services. 

Step 1: Contact us. Providing measurements, photos, even drawings of the area will help us work together a bid specific to your project.  (Looking at job in person can be arranged upon request if necessary) 

Step 2: We determine a time that best suits your schedule and our schedule. 

Step 3: Upon arrival on job site. A down payment of half the amount will be required before we start. 

Step 4: We work with you to deliver the project you envisioned. Also guiding and providing helpful suggestions if asked.

Step 5: Final payment will be needed upon completion of job. 

Step 6: Leave a review. :)